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Sorry about the inactivity over here. There’s been a few personal issues that I’ve been dealing with as of late (along with just being busy). With that being said, there will probably be more sets later this week, but thank you for all your re blogs, follows and support over the last week. It means so much! ♥

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Just writing this to thank all the people who suggested badass female moments for me. It is very much appreciated and helpful! <3 

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total drama character tropes → cody

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Hey guys!

Can anyone please name me some badass moments involving the females of Total Drama? Minus Courtney, Gwen and Heather please. All comments will be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 

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total drama meme: ten favorite characters [5/10]

"I love camping, even though I never gone. I have bikinis for every season, even ones not listed on the calender and I’m bi-languagal. I speak fluent English and American.

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So my friend -codyanderson and I was talking about the characters, and we’re kinda now thinking that Dave may possibly be the wallflower character. In his promo picture he looks a bit shy. Like his body language just screams wallflower with this meek, shy look on his face. Also, in the storyboard he seems a bit isolated from the rest, along with the fact he was hiding in the bushes giving commentary instead of being with the rest of the group. While we are aware of the similarities he has to Noah, we’re thinking he’ll show some differences from that and become a decent character. 

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are you and -codyanderson friends? because i see you promoting them a lot —Anonymous

Mhm, we’re good friends! However, please do not think because we’re friends that I’m giving them any special treatment. I promote any blogs that are simply total drama related (ex. fyeahduncney, fyeahaleheather, littletotaldramathings, td-fanfiction, and theprincessandthedelinquent).

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songs pt.2 

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Headcanon time; 

I don’t think Samey’s actual name is Samey. Personally I believe that Amy is the more dominate and well-known twin, while the other is always in the background and also in her sister’s shadow. Because of this, everyone is aware of Amy’s name and due to them not remembering her twin’s (or even knowing it),  they would simply just call her Samey because they looked exactly alike and it rhymed. Due to this, Samey just got so use to everyone calling her that and didn’t know how to stand up for herself, so she just accepted it at this point.

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